1. PATRICK AYANSKI (hereby called “Supplier”) is the supplier of the fabrics and these terms and conditions are to be applied to the supply and sale of goods and services offered by PATRICK AYANSKI.
  2. The Supplier shall prepare and send the Client a quotation based on their inquiry; which is only valid for the goods and/or services requested stating their technical specifications and respective quantities.
  3. The Client is required to pay a non-refundable fee for a sample print of the design.
  4. Discount is only applicable for a minimum 250 yards of the same colour, same texture and design for fabrics and a minimum order of 100 pieces and above for pleated kaftans. This is applicable on the Client’s first order.
  5. The Client is expected to provide artwork in PDF or JPEG format and where they do not have any, the Supplier will in consultation with the Client create 1 artwork in 2 colour options. The Client will share all information needed in a design brief and specify pantone colours for the design of the artwork.
  6. The price of the goods/services offered in the quotation is final and valid for only fifteen (15) days.
  7. The minimum yards for orders are 50 yards per design for fabrics and a minimum of 48 pieces for pleated kaftans with a minimum of 6 pieces per design per texture.
  8. Pleated kaftans are supplied as semi-finished kaftans (i.e they are not joined on the sides and neck not made).
  9. The Supplier shall confirm the acceptance of an order in writing via email when full payment or 70% of the final order invoice is received and shall release the goods to the Client upon payment of the balance 30%.
  10. The Supplier bears no responsibility for discrepancies and mistakes in the supply of goods due to an incorrect final design or picture specified or provided by the Client.
  11. The supply of fabrics and pleated kaftans will take up to 6 (six) weeks from the date the final order is confirmed, exclusive of the reprocessing time at our warehouse which may vary depending on the quantity of goods ordered and their specifications. However if the client wants an express service (4 weeks) the additional amount (to be decided) and mode of shipping to the warehouse will apply.
  12. The Client will choose the means of final delivery – his own transport, a transport/courier company, or our internal dispatch within 10 business days from the day the Supplier is ready to dispatch.
  13. On receiving the goods, the Client shall carry out an immediate quality and quantity check. Should they discover any discrepancies, they shall inform the Supplier in writing within 2 (two) business days.
  14. In case of discrepancies, the Client shall give the Supplier an opportunity to inspect the respective order. In this case the Client shall store the discrepant part of the order and shall not have the right to do anything with it.
  15. If the Client has a claim regarding part of the delivered goods, this does not give him the right to reject the whole batch.
  16. In case the claim is accepted, the Supplier shall fix the defects which are subject to the claim at their own expense and the Client shall return the faulty goods to the Supplier within 10 calendar days of the claim acceptance.
  17. The Supplier bears no responsibility in case the supplier fails to carry out any obligation in this agreement due to a force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances). The following are considered force majeure events: fires, floods, other natural disasters, a war, a revolution, terrorist attacks, protests, strikes and other industrial actions and situations/technical failures, such as electricity cuts, power cuts, lack of fuel, transport, etc. anything that could have a negative impact on the supply process carried out by the Supplier, as well as any events out of his control.
  18. If any arguments arise with regards to a placed order or a supply contract, the two parties shall settle these amicably using their good will. If they cannot reach an agreement through conciliation, the recourse will be made to mediation in accordance with a mutually agreed legislation.


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