1. All prices quoted within the price list are subject to alteration within a 5 working days’ notice.
  2. Discount applicable to the purchases of Ayanski Fabrics is 20%.
  3. A minimum purchase of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) per transaction is required (online and off-line) to qualify for discount on Ayanski Fabrics. (Please note Partner products are not to be included to achieve the discount minimum required).
  4. An average minimum monthly purchase of Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300,000) must be maintained over 90 days on Ayanski Fabrics. (Please note Partner products are not to be included to achieve the minimum monthly or quarterly purchase required).
  5. Discount on products from partner companies will be based on the minimum quantities required for discount by the partner companies (Partner companies Blings By PA, Ayanski RTW, Rubi Zips & Patrick Ayanski).
  6. Credit facilities will now be offered through our credit partners (Ayanski Finance and VFD Microfinance Bank).
  7. Exhibition support to partners’ events will no longer be available due to Covid restrictions.
  8. Goods are not supplied on a sale or return basis.
  9. Goods can only be accepted for return to Ayanski Fabrics in the following circumstances:
    a. Error in fabric texture by Ayanski Fabrics
    b. Alteration in print
  10. It is not possible to return bespoke fabrics produced by Ayanski Fabrics for the client.
  11. Returns not notified to Ayanski Fabrics within 7 days of your receipt of the fabrics cannot be accepted.
  12. The need to exchange fabrics must be notified to Ayanski fabrics not more than 30 days after purchase of fabrics.
  13. Fabrics can only be accepted for exchange to Ayanski Fabrics in the following circumstances:
    a. Fabrics must be the exact yardage it was bought.
    b. Fabrics must not be damaged.
    c. Fabrics must not have been purchased for more than 30 days
  14. Ayanski Fabric patterns and designs are exclusive to the fabrics produced by Ayanski Fabrics and cannot be reproduced on other items, fabrics or textures.
  15. Use of the Ayanski Fabrics name – Ayanski Fabrics is our brand name and belongs to the Ayanski Fabrics. Under no circumstance should the name ‘Ayanski Fabrics’ be used as a trading name.
  16. Ayanski Fabrics is sold in 5 yards only to partners.
  17. Each partner is responsible for setting up their website but Ayanski Fabrics will provide support where appropriate e.g by supplying pictures for your shop online.
  18. Each partner must maintain their minimum sales purchase per quarter and also target by the quarter.
  19. The inactivity of a partner for a period of 6 months will be treated as a voluntary exit from the Ayanski Partners Program.
  20. Ayanski Fabrics reserves the right to withdraw its partnership alongside benefits from parties who do go against all stated above.


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